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Nick has an award-winning experience!

Nicholas was named a person to watch for 2022 by Pulse Magazine Worcester

Nicholas was nominated by constituents to win the People to Watch in 2022 award for his work on the School Committee in Millbury and his academic and business accomplishments.

College of the Holy Cross NPCC

Nicholas participated in the Non-Profit Career Conference at the College of the Holy Cross, where he learned about public policymaking, non-profit career opportunities, and local government.

Nicholas in the Worcester Business Journal (2021)

“Being creative, learning the ability to adapt to tough situations and also coming up with something unique. It’s okay to fail sometimes but also be resilient and dream big because you never know,"

Nicholas is highlighted for his scholarship program for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and business studies.

Nicholas is Millbury's youngest public servant winning in 2020.

“I learned how important local government really is. The decisions made really matter, whether it is policies, budgets or the need to address sensitive issues.″

Nicholas' Publications

"Passing anti-racism resolutions such as school choice, curriculum reform and new disciplinary protocols would also begin to unravel the system which has long cast aside marginalized students"