Frequently Asked Questions

Does Millbury Public Schools teach CRT?

No. Millbury Public Schools does not teach graduate-level legal theory. We teach students, kindness, empathy, and anti-bullying. Millbury Public Schools values our differences and strives to create an inclusive, safe, and academically challenging curriculum for our students.

What is CRT?

Critical Race Theory:

CRT is not a lesson taught in our schools. As seen here on the UCLA LAW School's website, it is a legal theory used by some reformist scholars. Our students are not legal scholars and do not learn about legal theories in class.

"CRT refers to a surge of legal scholarship, starting in the late 1980s and blossoming in the 1990s, that challenged conventional anti-discrimination thinking. According to the conventional narrative, discrimination on the basis of race could be effectively alleviated by expanding constitutional or statutory rights and then allowing aggrieved parties to file claims seeking remedies from governmental or private wrongdoers. In contrast, CRT scholars view racism as institutional and as baked into both American law and society. They have sharply criticized doctrines such as the intent requirement as overly narrow and reformist rather than structural in nature, to provide just one example." (UCLA LAW,2020)

Does Millbury teach "pornographic sex education" or porn in class?


Millbury Public Schools follows the necessary state curriculum guidelines from the "Healthy Youth Act" S. 2459 passed by the Massachusetts State Senate.

Currently, when Massachusetts public schools provide their students with health education that covers sexual activity, there is no guarantee that the information provided is age-appropriate or medically accurate.

This legislation changes this by requiring school districts that offer sex education to follow certain guidelines:

  • benefits of delaying sex;

  • science-based human anatomy, reproduction, and development;

  • effective contraceptive use;

  • sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STIs), (STD), (HIV)

  • relationship and communication skills to form healthy relationships;

  • coverage of affirmative, conscious, and voluntary consent; and

  • age-appropriate information about gender identity and sexual orientation, including resources that offer support to LGBTQ+ students.


YES. You can opt your child out of lessons or discussions having to do with this material. Parents will always be notified per MASC policy and State law. Should parents have concerns, the curriculum is available and viewable at the superintendent's office or via the building principal. Please e-mail your student's teacher with any additional questions.

Does Millbury Public Schools Ban Books?

No. We do not ban books. This would be an overreach of this position. We support the inquisitive minds of our students and respect parents' decisions to monitor their children's reading selections. Millbury is committed to providing a wide range of literature to allow all of our learners to see themselves represented and connected to their own educational enrichment.