My Goals

Smooth Transition to New Shaw School!

I have had the opportunity to oversee the start of the Shaw School Building project for the last two years. It is vital we continue to have continued experience to ensure a smooth transition to the new building and knowledgeable oversight of the project.

Curriculum Audit 2022

I am extremely pleased to have initiated conversations about curriculum auditing to ensure that Millbury Public Schools is providing a rigorous, challenging, and representative education for our students. My goal is to collect our findings from our internal audit and implement strategies to ensure NO STUDENT is left behind. I believe in providing students with every opportunity imaginable to succeed.

Maintaining Fiscally Responsible Policies

Serving on the committee for 2 years, I have had the opportunity to negotiate with 2 major labor unions. We have had astounding success, providing our teachers and faculty with a fair wage, whilst ensuring that we remain cognizant of the taxpayer. I am committed to ensuring Millbury is an affordable, and welcoming place for folks to raise their family and work. As a small business owner, I also have experience with budgeting, finance, and best practices, which allows valuable private sector experience on this committee.