School Safety

  • In order to keep our students safe, I voted for the renovation of Elmwood Street School's front door reconstruction for parent drop-off and pickup.

  • Voted to increase our school resource officer presence in schools to allow for students to build positive community relationships with our police officers.

  • Advocated for keeping our students in school and learning during (2020-2021) and (2021-2022).

  • Advocated for school safety meeting following dangerous Tik-Tok Trends.


  • Voted to re-evaluate cirriculum standards for the 2021-2022 school year

  • Ensure students hace access to AP courses designed for college rediness

  • Advocated for alternatives to traditional cirricculum such as trade programs and math that is applicable to such trades.

Student's Mental Health

  • Voted to accept additional counseling support from Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services to support our students social and emotional needs.

  • While a student at MHS, advocated for student mental wellness days, which are still being implemented.

  • Supported and amended stronger Anti-bullying policies.

  • While a student at MHS, I advocated for an end to high-stakes testing.


  • I have attended budget discussions over the past seven years.

  • I have had incredible success negotiating with the SEIU and MTA.

  • Advocated for workers' rights, when negotiating with SEIU and MTA with regard to optional vaccination or testing protocols

  • As a school district, we need to prioritize the children of this town and remain fiscally responsible.

  • Education is an investment into a better Millbury, a better society, and a better future.

Equity and Inclusion

  • Added equity goals for the 2020-2021 school year for the school committee and superintendent.

  • Participated in a book talk with school leadership, and regularly attended professional development at the College of the Holy Cross.

  • Initiated conversations for college and career readiness.

  • Voted to accept equity amendment.


  • For the equity and prosperity of our athletic program, Millbury must remain FEE- FREE for activities.

  • Supported the "Fall-2" sports season in 2021 to get our kids back to playing the sports they love.