What can be done about Windle Field improvements? 

During my time on the School Committee, I voted to accept the donation from 19 Canal Street Apartments for improvements to the property. Additionally, while on the School Committee, I had extensive experience managing projects, working with our state and local partners, and ensuring they were ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET. My business experience and MBA education in tandem with project management will serve the community well when working on important business such as this. 

What is your position on the Rice Road Projects? What can we do about future development? 

Housing in Millbury is desperately needed for our seniors, young professionals, and families. However, we must be methodical and respectful, and ensure that everyone wins. Neighborhood activists on Rice Rd. have been diligently working to prevent this developer from building on purchased land understandably due to serious concerns with the projects proposed. It should be noted these are the same developers facing charges for intimidating activists in Shrewsbury. 

Residents of the area are rightfully frustrated their small street could be home to 192 new motorists, towering apartments, a pool next to someone's driveway, etc. I am also particularly concerned with safety. There is a concern from Worcester Providence Rail Road that cars can become backed up on the tracks, creating a dangerous situation, especially because of the steep and short incline to gain entry onto Rice Road. Further, there have been concerns about its proximity to high-voltage power lines that also run through the property. 

Being a good neighbor is about mutual respect. I do hope that this developer withdraws his plans or revises them to meet basic safety standard, and seriously addresses the concerns from the board of appeals, the neighborhood, and community leaders. 

As passed in the town meeting, there is a moratorium on new projects. I have no problem with housing development that: 

How will you support my small business? 

As a business owner, I know firsthand the struggles many local businesses have. Having met with business leaders in Felter’s Mill and across town, we all share the same struggles with revenue shortfalls, high state taxes, and increasing rents. As taxpayers of the community and contributors, we need a dedicated small business task force that allows for FREE and open networking engagements, attracts new businesses to town, and supports each other. I would personally like to sit as a liaison on the Millbury Redevelopment Authority and work together on community-sponsored events like the Chain of Lights. Millbury is a great place to do business and I hope it can be an amazing place for others to set up shop. Attracting more commerce diversifies our tax base, increases job opportunities, and promotes our micro-economy. As a MBA Candidate and an award-winning entrepreneur, I have the professional, and educational background to promote economic development while also maintaining fiscal responsibility. 

I am afraid I will be out-priced from my house- what can you do to limit my tax burden? 

Millbury is a rare anomaly in the area where we tax our businesses/commercial property and residents the same. I believe re-examining this could prove helpful for our residents as commercial property should not be taxed the same as personal property. As a business owner, I will work diligently with our state partners to prevent tax hikes on corporations, small businesses, and commerce. Additionally, I would like to set up an exploratory committee to allow for the hiring of our retirees for part-time employment within the community in exchange for tax rebates and expanding our current offerings. 

Check out West Boylston's program I attached below.

Senior Tax Work-Off Program

At the Semi-Annual Town Meeting of May 15, 2023, it was voted to accept the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, Section 5K.  Acceptance of this statute established the Senior Tax Work-Off Program (“Program”) in the Town of West Boylston beginning in Fiscal Year 2024.  Under this Program, the senior volunteer their service to the Town and earn a reduction on their property tax bill.


I want to stay in Millbury, but there aren't affordable options for housing- what can you do to help? 

Affordable housing is limited and difficult to come by. As a recent college graduate, many of my peers and colleagues are struggling. Our seniors, lifelong Millbury residents, are also facing the same realities as social security does not stretch as far as it used to, and as inflation has increased 9% over the last 3 years. One project I would love to see happen in Millbury is similar to that of the Auburn senior living apartments. They offer a reduced cost of living for anyone over 62! Check them out here: 


I would like to work with our business community, state partners, and developers to make this a reality.