Nick's Record

Accomplished & Award Winning Businessman

2-Term Millbury School Committee Member

School Safety 

Curricular Reforms

Mental Health Reforms

Budgetary Victories


Athletics & School Activities

Completion of the Shaw School Building Project

Completed during the entirety of Nick's 2 terms in office, this new school had been under his purview, where he worked to secure more than $25 million in state funding. Working closely with the building committee and administration this project was a complete success, completed on time and under budget despite COVID-19 related supply chain issues. 

Completion of Alumni Field and Stadium

While serving on the School Committee, Nick oversaw the completion of Alumni Field. He has played an instrumental role with his colleague Committee Member Wilbur to ensure that we properly charge outside organizations a competitive rate to create a stream of passive income for our schools. Nick's business acumen truly shines through policy-making for field use and field charges.  

Free Vocational Training Programs  

Nick has been a proponent of vocational education. He voted to support an agreement between Millbury Public Schools and the New England Carpenters Training Center. This agreement will allow Millbury’s High School students an opportunity to receive training from certified instructors in the areas of general carpentry. There will be NO charge to students for vocational training. Nick believes that students who would like to seek vocational training for skilled work deserve a chance to learn and make a good living for themselves.